December 5, 2018 mediax

AMP up your Instagram marketing with these 5 essential tips

With over billion users and 95 million photos shared on an average in a day, Instagram has become one of the fastest growing social media app for building a brand and marketing it efficiently. Instagram marketing is undeniably valuable in terms of conversions, reaching to the right audience at the lowest cost and brand awareness.

For the basics, it is essential to have an Instagram Business account, get set going with the following tips and hacks to make the most of Instagram marketing:

1) Use raw/original photos: Original product photos, photos with people showing real value and experience of the product/service, perform much better than images worked under Photoshop. Raw photos will help increase organic reach, use relevant hashtags and enticing captions to increase engagement.

2) Leverage benefits of Instagram stories: Instagram stories have now become interactive with features like polls, live broadcasts, highlight features. Stories show up at the top of user’s screen or whenever someone searches for your page. Make the most of stories by going ‘behind the scenes’, flaunting your company culture, giving a human form and voice to your brand, highlight featured products/services, reiterate your followers about something vital that you’ve posted and more. Engage, attract, get moving with your followers through stories.

3) Increase followers the Organic way: Follow people, show them your heart their work/product/service, comment down your opinion, ask your followers to let their friends/family know about your brand in lieu of a freebie, post more of user generated content, regram as much as possible. Tap Instagram’s organic hacks to better business before we see a change in algorithm, similar to Facebook’s

4) Create smart and creative Instagram ads: Paid promotions are important for great and focused results on Social Media, anyone can run an Instagram ad, however, the key is to do smart paid promotions. Be creative when it comes to designing creatives and choosing format, e.g, photo ads, video ads, carousel ads. Ensure a proper Call- To- Action (CTA) and urge your customers to take an action and increase the conversion rate of your ad.

5) Partner with brands and influencers: The key to success is in growing with others, collaborate with other brands relevant to your proposition, influencers, make your brand visible to others through them, tap onto their followers. Don’t look for quantity, look for quality when it comes to influencers’ followers. Choose wisely, partner with brands and influencers whose values align with your brand.

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