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Things To Keep In Mind While Developing A Website

Why a website?

A website is a crucial part of any business or organization as it takes the business to a global reach. In an era of cloud computing and big data, it has become evident that Internet has taken the business and content to a reach of billions of people within minutes and without the need to advertise, interact or make any physical effort. Worldwide Web has certainly enabled people to increase their potential of growth and step in a more diverse world. Websites have given power to the people to reach out to billions and let their business be known and spread to a majority.

Business, however, isn’t the only area which benefits from a website but people can also build their personal websites, blogs, social platforms or any other kind of things they want to take online. Although there are a large number of websites available on the web, Not all communicate their purpose in the rightful way which might be because of poor design, complicated navigation, insufficient content or just lack of proper optimization.

Today, I’ll be highlighting some points from my personal experience in web development of about 6 years and guide on what are the things one should keep in mind while developing a website to make it more appealing, readable and search engine friendly. These points will not only help you in building a well-structured website but also an optimized and a standout one.

10 Important Points To Keep In Mind

1. Deciding On The Purpose And Target Audience

As it is said, there is a purpose of your life and just like that, there is a purpose for a website too. It is very important to know the purpose of developing a website and your target audience. The purpose may be for selling toys where the target audience are the parent of young kids or it can be for the purpose of education where the target audience is students. One must know this before beginning with the development stage as the entire thing is based on this pillar.

2. Choosing A Creative Design

You cannot go out to a party or a gathering of people dressed in trunk and pj’s, You dress well for such occasions. So why take your website to billions of people without proper grooming?. The second important point is choosing the right and creative design. You would want your website to look beautiful and creative so it can attract potential visitors and encourage them to go through the content. The design should match your purpose and the audience which creates a more targeting appeal.

3. Having A Responsive Layout

We live in an era of modern technology where there is no shortage of a number of smart devices which are used to access the world wide web. The percentage of smartphone users have significantly grown to an extent where even the desktop seems outdated. For the same reason, a website should be responsive which can adapt to a number of devices like smartphones, tablets, desktops etc. so your design looks creative in any device and stays beautiful.

4. Structuring The Content

The content must be structured and organized well. There needs to be sufficient content be it images, text or video and should be kept on their respective pages. The content should provide enough information to the audience and should not be scattered everywhere but kept organized with proper headings, descriptions, and categories. Proper formatting and neat codes should be written for an appealing layout.

5. Optimizing The Content

The content available on the website should be optimized for search engines and should have proper descriptions, meta tags, and media content should have proper names and description as well to make it more search engine friendly. Proper SEO techniques need to be followed and images should not be heavy. Media needs to be compressed and lightweight to improve loading times and in case of videos, it is better to upload on a third party site like YouTube and embed in your website for better optimization.

6. Creating User-Friendly Navigation

Imagine being a kid in a giant supermarket and losing your mom while craving for the tasty snacks on the shelves, Feeling lost, aren’t you? That kid can be your visitor on the website if proper navigation is not there. The site should be easy to navigate and visitors should be able to look around with ease and find what they are looking for without clicking links after links.

7. Provide A CTA Button

Call-To-Action button provides a friendly way of being contacted by the visitors. It encourages them to reach out to you with their queries or any request they may have. A simple click can greatly improve your relationship with your visitors who can be your potential clients and can also greatly contribute to your search engine optimization. It helps in bridging the distant gap there is between the things not said and things not asked.

8. Linking Social Media.

Social media is a great way of promoting literally anything. News, products, memes, people and what not. Almost everyone is familiar with it and uses daily at least one of the services, so why not increase your approach and visitors by linking your website with your social profiles? This can not only increase your visitors but also contribute to improving search engine rankings while also providing a user-friendly appeal to your website.

9. Short Loading Time

Don’t you hate it when you visit a website and all you see for first few seconds is a blank page and a circle spinning on your browser tab while content slowly starts appearing one by one? Yes, That is why you should always aim to reduce your site’s loading time by optimizing the content, reducing the things consuming resources leading to long loading times and keeping only the necessary content. Many things covered in the 5th point can reduce loading time but you also need to make sure not to have anything extra on your website or host.

10. Tracking

Just like parent-teacher meetings are for analyzing the performance of a child so parents can take steps to improve it, there are many analytical tools which can help you monitor and analyze the performance of your website so you know how it is performing and from where it is generating traffic so you can work on to improve it and optimize your target audience for better performance and results. Some of the widely available tools include Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and other third-party tools which helps you monitor your website and provide you with insights

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