December 5, 2018 mediax

When can your Social Media practices turn down on you

Social Media can be fun and frustrating at the same time. We love to learn, test and experiment with the upcoming trends, tweak and work around with the existing ones, however often our good social media habits take no time to turn to bad habits whereas our great tactics turn into wasted efforts.

Here are some social media practices that tend to go wrong:

1) Automate your accounts wisely: If you automate your page likes, responds, comments and postings, then make sure you do the same well. Keep a close check as automating everything has certain drawbacks as well. We have seen examples of Microsoft’s Tay, a twitter bot, which turned racist and offensive in its replies to people. Thus, it is vital to have proper filters and monitoring before automating social media for your brand.

2) Always have proper insight into your Social Media insights: You cannot do ‘data- blind’ on social media. It is important to consider numbers, graphs and keep a track of the followers. Track your engaged followers, keep a list, and reward them. Retaining a follower is as difficult as acquiring one.

3) Don’t have FOMO: Do you have the Fear of Missing out of using all the social media platforms alike? If yes, then you are doing it wrong, do not go behind the buzz and increase your workload. Do a proper research on performing social media platforms for your brand, put your time and energy into making the most of social networks that have opportunities and return for your brand.

4) You are saturated: Started off well with good followers and engagement, kept up with the buzzing trends and practices, however if you’re unable to keep up with the same, then you won’t get any new or improved results as the system isn’t ‘perfect’ anymore.

Avoid this situation, go slow and if you get stuck or feel saturated, do not hesitate to seek help from an expert.

Thus, Social Media requires you to be flexible and focused. You cannot have a strategy with loose ends. Review your goals, your strategies, have a routine and work towards improvement.

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